Total Wellness Cleanse Review


“Finally A Natural Way to Cleanse Your Body From Harmful TOXINS Without Taking Dangerours Pills!”

The Best Way to Detox Your Body Naturally


Want to stop the harmful effects of chemically sprayed fruits and vegetables?
Are you tired of taking Advil or Tylenol every time you feel bad?
And are you finding yourself taking it more often than not?

Have you answered Yes to at least two questions? Well, you qualified yourself to read this special report:

From: Brett Slansky
Date: Thursday 8:30 pm

YOU Live In Toxic Society! It is a well-known fact that our western Drug and Food companies are working hand in hand on an unhealthy project. They knowingly put chemicals on your food supply making YOUR BODY TO ATTACK ITSELF!

I know that might sound a bit harsh, but it is time to face the reality.

Just honestly, answer these questions for yourself:

  1. Do you live in a city?
  2. Do you buy prepackaged foods from your local convenient store (frozen, canned or in a box…)?
  3. Do you know that fruits and vegetables are chemically sprayed?
  4. Do you drink Milk from a glass or plastic container?
  5. Do you eat meat from commercially produced animal farms?

I can go on and on.

As a personal fitness instructor and martial arts teacher, I always wanted the best for me, my family and my students. But as the time is passing by, I see more people who are overweight, sick and nearly dying on all sorts of diseases:

  • digestive problems
  • Crohn’s disease
  • leaky gut syndrome
  • candida
  • allergies
  • high cholesterol levels
  • IBS
  • constipation
  • tiredness
  • nausea
  • skin problems
  • etc…

And that is a short list! So c’mon now… Why is that in a modern society, we are dying because of some health problems that have such an easy solution. At this day and age, we suppose to have Hi-Tech medical improvements. But it probably exists only to people with a lot of money and influence.

It is really bad that many of the major companies that produce our food are so money-greedy that they add so many chemicals and growth hormones, just to increase the speed of growth. And of course faster they can produce the products that you would buy at the groceries, the more money these “health-robing” companies make. And that is their only main agenda.

They know that they do not use some natural growing methods and they know that people will slowly poison themselves by eating their produce. But do you really think they care???

No, they do not give a damn about us!

And that is why I have decided to put up this website I call “Natural Detox Strategies” — I hope you will soon understand why you do not feel refreshed when you wake up or why you get tired after the day at work or why you do not have the energy to spend a quality time playing with your kids etc…

Now understand that the mass-produced foods you buy at store are not the only one causing many health problems.

We breath a toxic air, use deodorants, brush teeth with fluorides, washing the clothes with more chemicals etc…

So your body absorbs a bad substances not only from the diet, but also from our own environment, therefore we as humans are slowly killing ourselves. My friend Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN, has written a very important health article that explains why we are exposed to unsafe doses of pesticides in our food and what to do about it. Make sure you read it here.

It is all up to you. You can do nothing about it and still feel frustrated, sick, or have those darn headaches, high cholesterol levels, inflammations, allergies etc. Or, you can try to get rid your body of these artificially produced toxins by following some natural detox strategies, mainly the detox diet. In the UK, they sell hemp products online. These CBD based products are legally sold in the UK and they help in detoxifying your body. It works like a health supplement.

You have the power to change the way you feel and enjoy the toxic-free healthy lifestyle. One of the best way is to educate yourself about the natural body detoxification strategies that can help your body to heal itself from the inside out.

Many people have a heartburn problems. It is a first sign telling you, that something is not right inside your body. You either will do nothing and it will develop into something more serious, like maybe GERD. Or you listen to your body, and start looking for acid reflux remedies to learn how to deal with the problem and maybe even stop it from reocurring.

Or you can do nothing and take Advil or Tylenol every time you do not feel great. That of course will only put more stress on your body and give you some side effects that might even make your condition worst. Have you ever read the instruction on the paper that comes with every drug? If not, read it the next time you buy one of those. You will understand what I mean!

Of course, there are many good cleansing pills, like Bowtrol colon cleanse or Digest It, but there are thousands of so called natural supplements, that are not working and might even harm you.

It is time to really educate yourself — learn how to eat for health with:

Yuri Elkaim’s
Total Wellness Cleanse


What is Total Wellness Cleanse?

Before I explain more about this body cleansing program, I will start with who is Yuri Elkaim.

When I came across of him I was very impressed. This guy was a great athlete as I am :-), but when he was on the college, he became sick and lost all of his hair. Thankfully he has studies  in the health and fitness industry.

That is where he started doing all the research about raw foods and how it can affect the health of us – human beings. After an extensive research on his own, talking to leading nutrition experts and holistic doctors, he discovered that his body got rid of the toxins and all restored into a perfect health.

And then, his Total Wellness Cleanse was born. The goal was to teach people all over the world who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. If that is you and you want to do something about it, you will like this not only detox diet program.

What I love about it is that Yuri adds a lot of value into this already perfect personalized cleansing diet and nutritional program. It is probably the only program that you will get  daily email or phone support, so you can be 100% sure that you are on the right track.

Of course I am aware that there are many more detox products on the market, but I think that you should always go with the natural, holistic approach to healing and cleansing your body through food and making some lifestyle adjustments.

The Total Wellness Cleanse unique approach is based on years of experience (and getting really great results) with Yuri’s personal clients and it really is verified by the leading cleanse/detox experts and a lot of scientific data.

Visit The OFFICIAL Total Wellness Cleanse Website

When you decide to buy the program, you will be able to get either an instant download version or you can chose to buy physical packages. Which ever suits your needs. Here is what exactly you will learn and how this detox diet program works:

Phase 1:
The Body Detox Phase

This is going to be your first 14 days on the program. You will be presented with the best natural cleansind-diet-recipes-300x164foods that will remove toxins from your body. You will be very much surprised! These foods really taste great and they will help you to restore the energy, so you do not feel sluggish and also you will start feeding your body with vital nutrients that you do not get from your current diet.

Basically the research that made this phase possible is that our internal body needs to be in the alkaline state and if your normal diet brought your internal organs into acidic state, you might experience bad health syndromes we talked about in the beginning of this Total Wellness Cleanse review.

When you finish this first 14-Day cleansing phase, you will:

  • feel more energy through your whole body
  • improve your immune system against toxins
  • lose weight almost effortlessly – with doing some exercise
  • you will have much less “junk-food” cravings

After the 14 day detox, you will begin the second phase of this cleansing diet program and that is:

Phase 2:
The Maintenance Phase

healthy-meal-plans-300x152After you removed toxins from your body, added some vital nutrients and you started to feel the difference in your wellness, you need to learn how to preserve your new vitality and health. Because if you do not do this, you will most likely to go back to your previous eating habits. By now I hope you know what that would mean, right?

And that is why this second phase of this detox program is so important.

You will receive 8 weeks of great meal recipes that will make you a new person. You will discover that eating healthy foods is not difficult at all. Many of your friends and family members will start to notice your skin glow, more energy and will give you many compliments on your look.

  • You will completely remove all the junk!
  • You will lose weight!
  • You will have a lot of energy!
  • You will not have cravings anymore!
  • You will energize your body with “LIVE” nutrients!

Please understand that the goal of this Total Wellness Cleanse review was to give you some sample of what this program is all about. I did my best to add as much as my own personality and experience as a health and fitness professional, but there is no way I can describe this cleansing diet that you will say — “WOW! I gotta have this!”

But if you want to see what is all included and what other people have said about this natural body cleansing, click the link below and you will get the whole picture:

For More Information Visit The OFFICIAL
Total Wellness Cleanse Site Now

On the other hand, I hope that this webpage made you at least to think about your health and maybe you will be more cautious when choosing your food sources. If that will be the only thing you will learn from this, I did a great job and am very happy for you.

To Your Health and Energy,


Brett Slansky
personal fitness and martial arts instructor


P.S. There are a lot of more articles on detox, where you will learn all about the toxic foods and what you can do about it.

P.P.S. It is the best practice to do a body cleanse at least two times per year. With the Total Wellness Cleanse, you can be assured that you will detox your body with every bite you take.


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