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Best Detox Diet Plan – Eating Clean Meal Is Best Way to Cleanse Your Body

Best Detox Diet Plan to Help You Cleanse Your Body And Feel Really Great!

As with anything else, there are hundreds upon hundreds detox diet plans out there all over the internet. Not only they all give you bad advice, but most of them even contradict themselves.

I have no idea why there is so much confusion, but if you are one of the wellness junkie and want the right answers to what is the best detox diet plan, you will enjoy this article. At least I hope, so please let me know if you do! Either share it online or leave a comment. Only by hearing from you I can adjust and provide only the information you really want to get.

Anyway, let’s get started.

Why Would Anyone Wanted to Start a Detox Diet Plan?

Well, there are plenty of benefits by cleansing your body. And I mean not just the intestines here. You also need to learn how to detox liver, because they are a filter and the liver works exactly like the oil filter in your car.

And because you change the filter regularly in your car, don’t you think that you should change it also in your body? Or do you thing that a car that runs smoothly is more important to you than a healthy body that has no health challenges?

Please, make sure you understand the question and give yourself a clear answer before reading any further. Because you answer will open your eyes a bit and only then, this article will be worth to read.

why you need colon cleansing

I hope you did answer that to have a healthy body is more important. If not, please close this site and never come back…

OK, we have taken care of the business side of the matter and now we can get a bit personal and deep.

Do you remember when was the last time you did any type of body detox plan?

You see, in order to have healthy body, great physique, strong immune system, a lot of energy etc., you should do a body cleansing at least two times per year.

Of course, more would be a better choice.

For example I do cleanse my body every morning, do a deep cleanse every quarter and I try to eat or cook foods that have some great amount of antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber.

Because that is the food you need to eat to detox naturally. And two times per year I take complete body cleansing system that helps my body to get rid of toxins completely.

The Top Reasons Why You Should Follow Cleansing Diet

You probably get some ideas from the intro above, but to give you some more reasons why you need to detox, I created these bullet points:

  • prevent many health conditions
  • strengthen your immune system
  • have more energy
  • get rid of headaches
  • restart your body
  • renew every cell of your body
  • enjoy your life
  • lose unhealthy weight
  • get rid of toxins from pollution

Got the idea?

Great! Because as soon as you understand the WHY, you will be more likely to follow the steps below. If you have no reason to follow cleansing diet, you probably wont and nobody on this planet will make you to do it. And it can prevent something so simple as heartburn or something more dangerous.

Again, it is all about your health, not the health of your car!

My Detox Diet Plan – The Morning Cleanse

I learned this from a self-help guru Bijan Anjomni – the creator of Effortless Prosperity. This guy is an amazing individual and his health is unbelievable. This guy won a Mr. Universe in bodybuilding at the age of 60!

I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to meet him couple times while in New York City. His morning body cleanse was so simple and easy to do that I truly do not start a day without it.

So what is this “secret” morning detox plan:

Before you do anything else right after you get up, drink a full glass of lukewarm water. Drink it all at once, do not drink it in hundreds of small sips. I manage to drink it in just 10-15 seconds.

And that is it! Do this every single morning and after that do the normal chores like take a shower, brush teeth, eat some detox_foods_vegetablesgreat breakfast etc…

You will feel like this lukewarm water gives you an internal massage and I am pretty sure you will go to the toilet and dump all bad stuff what you accumulate during your sleep right down the toilet.

And now you can get a “FRESH” start for the day!

If you never tried any detox diet plan, you should start with the one that I do every quarter. It is called the 7 Day Detox Diet – or should I say I call it like that?

So let’s take a deeper look at this plan that can help you to start a new lifestyle or re-start every quarter like I do.

The 7 Day Detox Plan

Even though during this seven days, I eat only raw detox foods like – fresh vegetables or fresh fruits, I also take the BioTrust Pro-X10 for adding an extra powerful friendly bacterias and the BioTrust AbsorbMax that ensures I get all the vitamins and other nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

Some foods like kale, spinach, broccoli, beets etc. can be slightly cooked or steamed. Also I use a lot of add-ons like onions, garlic, lemon, herbs and spices to give extra flavor and also increase the healthy potential of my meal.

Try to get as much as variety of these foods (fruits and vegetables), because that will significantly improve your detox diet and you will not only see some great changes to your body, but you will also feel it.

The Detox Diet Foods to Create The Best Detox Meal Plan

Like I said, you need to use plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, but for the 7 day detox plan, you will need to make sure that the foods you chose are from the Low-GI (Glycemic Index) food list. Also it is strongly advised that organic version of these foods are the best for this.

The 7 Day Cleansing Diet Menu – Sample:

Pre-breakfast: Lemon juice in warm water
Breakfast: Honeydew and 1 egg white, herbal tea
Snack: Banana, detox or any herbal tea
Lunch: Vegetable juice, veggie burger without the bun, cucumber salad, carrot sticks, apple, herbal tea
Snack: Green beans, detox or any herbal tea
Dinner: Vegetable soup, mixed green salad with mushrooms, asparagus, tomato and beets, herbal tea
Snack: Fresh cucumber, red and yellow peppers, detox or herbal tea

As you can see, it does not have to be anything crazy. Follow the rule: if you can have the food raw and fresh, go for it.

Also you noticed that you will have a detox or herbal tea after every meal. It is to really give your detox a boost! My favorite herbal detox tea is any Chinese tea, because they offer a unique blend of herbs that are great for detox.

Helpful tips if you want to successfully follow the best detox plan that I gave you sample above:

  • Never SKIP MEALS. If you will think that eating according to the plan above would be a bit too much, make sure you leave out the snacks, not the meal. The plan works with the 7 meals though. You also understand that the meals are not a big meals and the preparation time is a minimal.
  • Only Low-GI fruits and vegetables are allowed.
  • You can eat as many vegetables from the low-GI family as you want, but limit fruits to three servings per day.
  • Avoid using ketchup, mayonnaise or any salad dressing that comes in a bottle. They have tons of sugar and other chemicals you do not want to ingest. If you need to add extra flavor, use salt, pepper, soy-sauce, spices, herbs, garlic, onion, vinegar or mustard.
  • No oils and no butter please! Not even margarine :-)
  • You need to drink at least 8 glasses of purified water or mineral water every single day. This will help you to flush away all the bad stuff from your “inside”…
  • I know that this one will be hard for some of my readers, but please try to avoid coffee, alcohol, soda, sugar, artificial sweeteners, energy boosters etc.
  • During the 7 day detox period, please avoid any activity or workout that would put a lot of stress on your body. So instead of lifting weight, go and do yoga, practice Tai-Chi, go for a swim or simply take a walk in the park.
  • Relax and have plenty of rest. This will help with the body detox much faster.
  • Every morning, do not forget to drink the lukewarm glass of water, but during the 7 day cleansing, add a squeezed lemon juice from a half a lemon. This will help your gallbladder to work more efficiently. Why do you need the gallbladder work on 100%? Well, because it helps your body to digest fat. So your body will take only the fat it needs to function properly and the bad fats will go… again, down the toilet :-)

What to do after the 7 Day Detox Diet Meal Plan?

detox diet foodsWell, by the 7th day, you will feel more energy and start to notice a great changes in your health. Maybe you will even notice that you go to the toilet more often, which is a great sign.

After the week, I would recommend to eat a meals that are prepared from fresh fruits and vegetables, but they do not need to come strictly from the low GI list. Now you can add a medium GI foods and also occasionally add high GI foods to your diet.

If you love meats, try to combine fish, poultry, beef and lean pork. The best way to prepare healthy meats is by using a grill. No oils when grilling.

But again, do not be as hard on yourself as you were during the 7 day period. But do not forget to do the seven day detox at least two times per year. Also many people had a great results when they combined these changes with the cleansing pills. But be careful! Not all of them are safe to use and you should always learn all the side-effects that can be associated with taking those tablets.

When it all comes down to is you. Are you willing to give it a try and change your lifestyle around. Not only you will feel strong and fit, but your inner body will be also thankful to your decision.

I would love to hear some comments success stories and much more, so please do not be shy and let me know how did you liked this article on the detox diet plan.



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