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Bretislav-SlanskyHello, my name is Brett Slansky and I live in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. As a martial arts instructor and personal fitness trainer, I was always looking for a natural ways to improve my health and wellness.

There are many people that have experienced some health challenges and I have found out that most of these health problems are nutrition related. That is why I decided to share all my research and give you the best answers to all your health concerns.

That is the only way, you will be able to understand why I started this blog and how the articles I publish will help you to achieve better health and improve your lifestyle.

I grew up in the village in the Czech Republic. Since childhood I was brought up to eat what we produced. We had free-range chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys and huge garden, where my mom was growing potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, strawberries, black currant, cucumbers and much more.

We hardly bough anything at the store.

Also, I have been always interested in holistic medicine due to my hobby – martial arts and fitness, I studied various books and authorities on the natural remedies. Since that time, I have never relied on doctors. Actually every time I went to one, they always tried to push some drug on me.

And I think I am not only one… After watching the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary, I realized that western medicine is not all about preventing certain health conditions, but putting fixing it after it had all happened.

That means, many doctors are in the sickness business rather than the health business.

And that is what is wrong with our western society. We deal with problems as they appear. I have a beautiful family on my own and I care very much about them. That means I do not rely on doctors to fix things, but on natural nutrition, detox and other things that give me a great chance that they will be healthy for a long time.

I firmly believe that our earth can give us all the nutrients we need in order to maintain healthy body functions. We just need to know where to look and what to do with these miracles.

Have you heard of  super foods?

Yes, they really exists. You will find a lot of articles about nutrition, detox and other health related information that all comes down to these super foods. You will realize that they can get your body to rid of toxins, give you the nutrients necessary and to help you prevent many health conditions that are caused by not eating healthy!

If that is what you are looking for, then I believe, you will love this blog I called Natural Detox Strategies. Make sure you start reading couple articles, make notes, try some of the tips and if you will find these tips useful, do not by shy and share them with your family, friends and all that you really care about.

Also, do not forget to bookmark this site, because I will write new articles on a weekly basis, so you will always have some interesting tips about natural remedies. So I invite you to come often. If you will have any other question about the article, just say what is on your heart in the comment section under each of the article and I will try to do my best to research and give you the best answer possible.

OK, I think that it is enough talking about me and this blog. Now, go ahead and find some tips that can help you!


To your health and wellness,

Brett Slansky

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